The Hudson Vineyard runs along a northern stretch of Carneros soils that are thin and rocky. As a result, these 20-year-old vines struggle to produce even the most modest of crops. After a long, 10 year wait to join the Hudson fraternity, we are pleased to be working with a grower who shares with us a common vision and dedication to quality. It was worth the wait.

Powder House

Powder House is our fourth estate vineyard. Planted in the old town of Forestville, the topography is defined by its bowl or amphitheater shape. The gradual curvature of this property produces elegant, yet powerful Chardonnay. The name is derived from a neighboring structure, which stored gunpowder in these once remote hillsides. Also known as, a “powder house.”

Park Avenue

Park Avenue elicits thoughts of icons, history, towers, and titans. Nestled between our ‘Lauren’ and ‘CIX’ Estate Vineyards, Park Avenue was our fourth Estate Vineyard to be planted and fifth Estate Chardonnay to come into production. It shares the same hillside and exposure as Lauren, but has a distinctly different stretch of ancient seabed and subsoils.


Named after our late vineyard manager, Ulises Valdez Sr. (UV), and located at his home estate on Stoetz Lane (SL), this vineyard is one of only a few in the far western reaches of the Sonoma Coast. Only six miles from the Pacific Ocean, the maritime influences here are omnipresent, with warm, sun-dappled afternoons refreshed by cool ocean breezes. Aubert and Valdez Sr. collaborated nearly 15 years ago on the planting of this magnificent vineyard of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Our first Estate Chardonnay is named after our daughter, Lauren. Located in what we call the “golden hills” of Forestville, the Lauren Vineyard features our favorite clonal selections of Chardonnay, and typically produces the most concentrated wine in the repertoire. The gravelly Goldridge soil series is unique and adds purity and lovely perfumes to this wine.


Planted in 2001 by our late vineyard manager, Ulises Valdez Sr., the soil on this site is a unique mix of sand and dense clay. We refer to this stretch of soil as the “Sebastopol Clays.” This Pinot Noir benefits from the moisture trapped in the clay by allowing the grapes to achieve ripeness without excessive water stress of the warm summer months.

Larry Hyde & Sons

Larry Hyde & Sons is where White Burgundy meets California. This is our coolest site and benefits from the maritime influence of the San Pablo Bay. Larry Hyde & Sons Vineyard was propagated with a rare clone of Chardonnay, hand selected by Larry Hyde, and offered to Aubert in the mid 2000s.


Eastside is our only Russian River AVA Chardonnay.  Located on a hill overlooking the expanses of the Russian River Valley, these vines grow on the rockiest of sites; a distinguishing aspect of its terroir.  The rare Chardonnay clonal selection is matched to this low vigor site, equating to a remarkably powerful, yet delicately elegant wine.


CIX is the second estate vineyard we developed. The “CIX” (109) name comes from the vineyard map parcel number. CIX Estate shares its eastern fence line with our Lauren Estate, but has a different soil geology: very white soil that looks like sea salt. Here we grow mostly Chardonnay and a small amount of Pinot Noir.

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack is our home estate, located on 7+ acres in the esteemed Rutherford Appellation. Here, one of just a handful of Chardonnay vineyards in this up valley proximity, we planted our most unique Chardonnay clone. We playfully named our home next to the vineyard “Sugar Shack.”